Workflow Management

Plio includes a simple but effective workflow management system which helps you streamline your compliance processes.

Plio Work inbox

All actions in Plio are tracked for you within Plio’s workflow system, and flow in to the Plio work inbox screen where they can be managed. These actions include the following:

  • Corrective actions
  • Preventative actions
  • Verification actions
  • Document update actions

Different views of your work are provided, including:

  • My current work
  • Team current work
  • My completed work
  • Team completed work
  • My deleted work
  • Team deleted work

Plio provides a notification system to remind you when work is falling due, and when it is overdue. These notifications are delivered via email and via optional desktop notifications.

Workflow options in Plio are highly configurable. There’s no point applying a complex workflow to managing a minor problem in the business. The Plio account owner can choose either simpler or more complex workflows depending upon the magnitude of the non-conformity or the risk being managed. Reminders can also be customized with different intervals for different types of work.

When you want to create an actions tracking report for your management team, Plio gives you a flexible data export facility. Select the data fields you wish to export, download the CSV file that Plio creates, open it up in Excel and create your custom report.