Features for consultants

If you are a consultant looking after multiple clients, then Plio can transform the way you work.

Plio increases the efficiency with which you can manage multiple clients by creating a collaborative online work environment. You can keep a close eye on how clients are implementing your recommendations. There’s less need to travel to client sites. – You can now be much more effective in supporting them remotely, because you now have real-time visibility of their compliance activity (or non-activity).

Plio enables you to take your existing sets of best practice policies and procedures (e.g. compliance manuals, quality manuals) and risk documents and move these online.   With Plio you can give each of your clients their own compliance workspace, pre-loaded with these documents.

Once your clients have their own Plio workspace, you can quickly switch between different workspaces to monitor the compliance activities and status across multiple clients. This can be done in seconds, without the need to logout or log back in, using just a single Plio username and password.

Plio helps your clients to ‘operationalize’ their compliance activities. Frustrated that clients rush to deal with compliance issues just before an audit? That’s a clear sign that they need to strengthen their compliance processes and move them into the operational day-to-day running of the business. Which can be easier said than done. An online compliance management tool like Plio makes this transformation much easier to achieve.