Document Management

Quick access to all your important compliance documents for you and your advisors.

  • Define compliance standards (policies + checklists)
  • Define compliance management objectives and obligations
  • Word .docx file import
  • Document version control & change log
Plio Document Managament
  • Document Management
  • Non-conformity management

    Track all your non-conformities all in one place.

    • Identify and manage non-conformities (potential breaches)
    • Create improvement plans
    • Root cause analysis
    • Link to standards and actions
    Non Conformity Management
  • Non-conformity management
  • Risk Management

    Identify, evaluate and manage your risks

    • Link to standards + corrective actions
    • Score your risks on impact vs probability
    • Conduct risk evaluation
    • Create risk treatment plans
    Plio Risk Management
  • Risk Management
  • Workflow Management

    Manage all your compliance actions, all in one place

    • Create corrective actions + preventative actions + risk control actions
    • Link to standards + non-conformities + risks
    • Monitor status via traffic light indictors
    • Ability to configure simple and full workflows
    Workflow Management Software
  • Workflow Management
  • Features for consultants

    Simple features that make your life easier

    • Manage more clients in less time and with less travel
    • Share model sets of best practice documents online
    • Monitor compliance status of multiple clients
    • Help your clients to ‘operationalize’ their compliance program
    Plio General Features
  • Features for consultants