Plio is now in beta

It’s been a busy week as we run through our final tests to get Plio live. I thought I’d just bring you up to date with the Plio story so far.

We started the software development at the end of April this year. Previously we’d created a user interface prototype to get feedback from some potential customers. We reached out to firms in two different markets – financial compliance and ISO management systems. We spoke to compliance managers in regulated firms, and we spoke to compliance consultants. That feedback made it pretty clear which features were must-haves, and which were nice-to-haves.   It’s taken up about six months to go from our initial spec to a fully-working system.

Plio version 1 launches with 4 modules:

  • a document manager
  • a non-conformity tracker
  • a risk register
  • a workflow manager.

The purpose is to streamline your compliance-related work, moving away from the time-consuming stream of emails, Word and Excel files that compliance processes normally generate.

The last month has been mostly about testing and bug-fixing. We’ve organized this into two cycles – internal testing and a final cycle of external testing carried out by our test partner.   A total of 210 issues got flagged, and we’re a good way through the process of dealing with these. It can be a bit painful when you see problems highlighted for the first time, but it gives you a lot of confidence in the platform as these get worked through and resolved.

Next week, we’ll update you on our roadmap for the next couple of versions. We’ve got some cool new features on the drawing board….

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