About Plio

Hi. I’m Steve Ives. I’ve been a founder in two successful technology businesses which I helped to build up and sell. More about me here. I set up Plio because of my personal experience looking for – and failing to find – any simple software for managing quality and compliance issues.

There were plenty of packages out there, but they all followed the older model of enterprise software. You had to buy a licence, and either install the software on your own hardware, or pay the vendor to install it on your behalf in their hosting centre. Either way, it cost more than we were prepared to pay. After all, compliance is a support function in the business, and not the driver of the business.

That’s when the idea for Plio was born. With the help of my son James, I decided to create it.

We spent a lot of time talking to quality and compliance managers and consultants to understand which functions were really needed and which weren’t. Then we created a user interface design that was simple and intuitive, allowing you to access your data from your mobile devices as well as from your PC .

From that starting point, the version of Plio that you see today was created. There’s no longer any need for the time-consuming stream of emails, spreadsheets and documents which your operational processes will generate when you’ve got no system.

I hope you’ll agree that it delivers on our goal to deliver the easiest-to-use performance management software, to improve quality, profitability, compliance or all of these at once.