Manage compliance documents

Plio provides a convenient way to control, share and audit your compliance documents

Streamline workflows

Plio keeps track of your nonconformities and corrective actions, sending out reminders when deadlines are due.

Highly customizable

Plio lets you configure your workflows, your compliance manual layout and your organization structure.

Cross platform

Plio runs in your browser on PC, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone.

Managing compliance with spreadsheets and email wastes a lot of time.

Start doing compliance the structured way, and put it in Plio.

Document Management

Quick access to all your important standards documents for you and your advisors.

  • Define quality & compliance standards (policies + checklists)
  • Define quality & compliance management objectives and obligations
  • Word .docx file import
  • Document version control & change log
Plio Document Managament
  • Document Management
  • Non-conformity management

    Track all your non-conformities all in one place.

    • Identify and manage non-conformities (potential breaches)
    • Create improvement plans
    • Root cause analysis
    • Link to standards and actions
    Non Conformity Management
  • Non-conformity management
  • Risk Management

    Identify, evaluate and manage your risks

    • Link to standards + corrective actions
    • Score your risks on impact vs probability
    • Conduct risk evaluation
    • Create risk treatment plans
    Plio Risk Management
  • Risk Management
  • Workflow Management

    Manage all your compliance actions, all in one place

    • Create corrective actions + preventative actions + risk control actions
    • Link to standards + non-conformities + risks
    • Monitor status via traffic light indictors
    • Ability to configure simple and full workflows
    Workflow Management Software
  • Workflow Management
  • Features for consultants

    Simple features that make your life easier

    • Manage more clients in less time and with less travel
    • Share model sets of best practice documents online
    • Monitor compliance status of multiple clients
    • Help your clients to ‘operationalize’ their compliance program
    Plio General Features
  • Features for consultants
    • Plans

      Prices shown do not include applicable taxes

      Starter Team
      $25 /£20
      billed monthly
      2 team members
      Single compliance program
      Create and edit Standards
      Create and edit Risks
      Create & edit Non-conformities
      Create Corrective actions
      Get notifications and reminders
      View & reassign team actions
      1 GB file storage
      Small Team
      $49 /£39
      billed monthly
      Up to 5 team members
      Multiple compliance programs
      Create and edit Standards
      Create and edit Risks
      Create & edit Non-conformities
      Create Corrective actions
      Get notifications and reminders
      View & reassign team actions
      2.5 GB file storage
      Medium Team
      $149 /£119
      billed monthly
      Up to 20 team members
      Multiple compliance programs
      Create and edit Standards
      Create and edit Risks
      Create & edit Non-conformities
      Create Corrective actions
      Get notifications and reminders
      View & reassign team actions
      10 GB file storage

      Not sure how many team members you will need in Plio? Don’t worry! Just pick a plan to start – you can always change your plan later!

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How is Plio different from traditional non-cloud compliance management?

      Plio gives you a private database in the cloud to hold your compliance documents and records, together with an integrated workflow system to prioritise your actions. Traditionally, compliance management has been done in smaller firms using custom spreadsheets and email. Larger firms have installed enterprise software packages for compliance management, which tend to be time-consuming and expensive to set up and run.

      Is Plio secure?

      The Plio system is run on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) platform, which is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon operate a rigorous security system which conforms with the requirements of ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS).

      A link to the most recent copy of their ISO 27001 certificate can be found here.

      How much does Plio cost?

      Our plans are priced based on the number of users in your business team that need to access the system.   The lowest cost plan is the Starter Team plan which costs $25 per month and gives access to 2 users.   The Small Team plan costs $49 per month for up to 5 users and the Medium Team plan costs $149 per month for up to 20 users. For larger sized teams, please contact us for a quote.

      Not all my users are compliance specialists – can they use this?

      Yes. At Plio, we seek to demystify compliance management so that your co-workers can work directly on the same system, giving you the maximum productivity gain. We’ve designed the user interface to be easy-to-understand for specialists and non-specialists alike.

      How long will it take to upload my compliance manual into Plio, and how do I do this?

      It depends on the length of your manual and the number of sections. For a typical manual containing 30 sections and 250 pages in a single Word file, it will take approximately one hour to split down your manual into documents corresponding to individual sections and upload each section into Plio.

      I don’t have the spare time to upload my standards into Plio – is there an option for someone to do it for me?

      Yes. Plio provides a Compliance Manual uploading service where we do it for you. This is priced per hour based on the number of sections in your existing compliance manual.   Please contact to get a quotation for your manual.

      I would like a more in-depth demo of Plio. Where can I get this?

      We’ve created a 15 minute tutorial video that takes you through the entire process of setting up and starting to use Plio.  You can access this video here

      Is there a data export feature so I can create my own management reports?

      Yes. Plio allows you to export your compliance data as a CSV file directly into Microsoft Excel. We provide a full set of export options, with multiple different data filters available.

      I’m a consultant. Do I need to purchase a Plio plan upfront for every client?

      No. We are currently offering accredited consultants a free-of-charge Plio Consultant plan which allows you to sign up to 10 client users onto Plio and then transfer them to their own paid Plio subscription plan at a later date. For more details on the Plio Consultant plan. This offer is only open to consultants who have a recognised compliance management, quality management or lean management qualification.

      I am a regulated firm in financial services – would this be suitable for me?

      Yes. Plio has been designed to meet the requirements of ISO 19600, the new international standard for compliance management systems. This standard has been drafted with the needs of financial services firms in mind, as well as other industry sectors.

      I am not a financial regulated firm – would this be suitable for me?

      Yes – if you have previously created a compliance manual and you wish to streamline the operation of your compliance processes, then you are exactly the type of person we’ve created Plio for.

      I am a quality manager/lean manager – can I use Plio for running my management system?

      Yes. Plio meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 for quality management system. It provides a suitable framework for the continuous improvement processes that are required in Six Sigma and Kaizen programs.

      Can Plio remind me about compliance actions and deadlines?

      Yes. Plio notifies you via email and also by pop-up desktop notifications. Notifications are triggered when actions are coming due and when your co-workers have updated key documents or real-time discussions. Plio also sends you a Daily Recap email which summarises all important activity.

      What are the technical requirements for running Plio?

      Because Plio is hosted in the cloud, you don’t need to set up a Plio server to be able to run Plio. Plio is built to use the features found in modern browsers.  We support the last 2 versions of each of the following: Microsoft IE 11 and Edge 13, Apple Safari, Google Chrome (Windows and MacOS) and Firefox (Windows and MacOS).

      Does Plio work with mobile devices? 

      It is designed to work not just with desktop browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer) but also with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets too. Plio is accessed via the mobile browser, and does not download business-confidential data onto your device.

      I’m not ready to implement Plio just yet, but I want to keep in touch with a view to implementing in the future

      Just register on our mailing list here and we will send you occasional news on Plio, including new software releases and tips on how to streamline your compliance management.

      Plio provides a great user experience and, importantly, provides the functionality to ensure that all essential activities (evaluation, root cause analysis, treatment, lessons learned, etc) are addressed and evidenced by clear audit trails. The ability to do this will undoubtedly help us demonstrate a strong compliance culture to clients, staff and regulators

      Ian Scaife

      Compliance manager, Clifton Asset Management